What We Do

We are setting up Digital Medical Centers spread all over the country in order to deliver quality healthcare
to each and everyone, irrespective of his location and socio-economic status. Our software applications
integrated with hi-tech medical devices is user-friendly and can be operated by anyone without any hassle.

We are onboarding primary physicians, specialist doctors, pathology laboratories, chemists, hospitals in one
platform so that patients can be served seamlessly. Our system is designed to benefit all our partners
and patients and uplift the whole healthcare eco-system.

Products and Services

We are setting up a network of Digital Medical Centers. We have developed SEVATI, an app for patients which is an
integrated part of the comprehensive IT based Global Healthcare Delivery
System. The major functions of our product:

Call Doctor at home – Digital Doctor

With the help of the app – Sevati, the doctor can be called home for patient examination, investigations, and remote global consultations. The investigations would be done with the help of Digital devices instantly and virtually at no cost. The doctor shall carry portable digital machines to examine the patient and report shall be uploaded in electrical medical record immediately. The visiting physician can prescribe the treatment or initiate instant live consultation with remote specialist from any part of the country, if required.

What is a Digital Medical Center?

A Digital Medical Center is a Medical Center equipped with Digital Medical Devices interfaced with a computer. The patient examination is done with the help of the Digital devices which capture patient information in Audio-Visual-Text-Video format. This is far more superior than the patient information recorded with the conventional methods. The patient’s electronic medical record is captured and saved on a cloud with complete privacy and security, which can be retrieved at any Digital Medical Center during the subsequent visit of the patient. The attending doctor in the DMC can prescribe treatment himself or initiate consultation with one or more specialists from any part of the country or globally instantly, if required by sharing the patient electronic records.

Remote Consultation

Remote consultant no matter where he is located globally can access the patient’s digital medical record. He can also have live video conferences with the patient and the doctor beside him, see the patient examination live, or do the patient examination himself with the help of remotely controlled hi-tech devices and advice the doctor by the side of the patient on the further line of treatment. One or more consultants from different remote locations can be consultants simantanusly.

Home Monitoring 24x7

With the help of a Hi-tech digital device, we offer 24×7 home monitoring for the patient of:

  • Blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Hi fever etc

One single device can be used by several patients with different medical problems as above and connected to different family physicians. The data captured from them shall get attached to the patient file and in case of abnormality alert shall be sent to the concerned physician for immediate action.


  • Badge-like remote dynamic ECG monitoring instrument.
  • All-weather 24/7 continuous monitoring of the heart, everything about the heart gets in the palm of your hand.
  • Intelligent wearable.
  • Real-time monitor of multi-parameters, with built-in body posture sensor; ergonomic design, ultra-lightweight/thin, fit and comfortable.
  • 24/7 medical pros on call.
  • Once the request of a professional medical report is submitted by a user, he/she is sure to obtain a detailed waveform analysis, as well its conclusion, by medical pros.
  • Emergency alert.
  • Real-time alert on APB, VPB, long interval, tachycardia and bradycardia; when a tumble-down occurs, it sends SMS alerts to the doctor’s phone.