Tele-health is not just making an online appointments
and a video call with a doctor. It is much more.

With our easy-to-use ‘Sevati’ mobile app, patients can
reach any doctor in just a few clicks.
Get examined by qualified doctors with the help of digital
devices for quality diagnosis and quality treatment.

Benefits to the Patients:
1. Doctors always equipped with Hi-tech medical devices. Doctors carry portable digital machines at home visit.
2. For consulting your favorite local physician or the best specialists in the country-Call Doctor at home-Visit nearby Digital Medical Center
3. Live examination seen by remote specialist
4. 24/7 home monitoring by skilled doctor
5. Diagnosis with modern Digital Medical Device
6. Get test reports instantly
7. Digital Medical Record stored at no extra cost
8. Digital medical records can be accessed by doctor anywhere during subsequent consultation.
9. Get medicine delivered at home
10. Get sample collected from home with any hassle
11. Support for hospitalization, if required
12. Save travel time and money
13. Hassle free
14. Patients can avail service from geographically inaccessible places like hill stations, ships etc from nearest DMC.