Sevati Devi Memorial Digital Medical Centers Pvt. Ltd, is a startup
company established in Oct, 2019 by Dr. Arvind Aggarwal and Dr.
Meena Aggarwal, both senior doctors.

The promoters of this organization were also directors of erstwhile
“Techno Telemedicine and Telehealth Care Limited”.
The objective of the company is to promote and establish the global
network of Digital Medical Centers to provide
world-class healthcare to anyone, anywhere, anytime
at affordable cost instantly.


World-class heath care for anyone, anywhere, anytime, at an affordable cost.


India emerging as the heath care provider to the world.


Making quality heath care available and accessible to all.

History / Journey So Far

Dr. Arvind Aggarwal saw a dream some 28 years ago, a dream to provide world class healthcare to the last man in the last village of the world at low affordable cost.

With this noble purpose in heart, he continues to be one of the original torch bearers of the modern-day tech-med-health solutions, working tirelessly to make this a possibility.

The research and innovations for this project has seen many ups and downs since 1993.
He had established Techno Telemedicine and Tele Health care limited in 2000, to bring
the best of the technology and talents together from different parts of the world.
It has been watched closely and received many ovations and
recognitions at national and global platforms.
With the advancement in technology, this futuristic project has become
a reality today for the benefit of one and all.

SEVATI – the innovative solution for the present times that is future ready!