This project was envisioned way back in 1993, when
people did not understand the concept and the right
technology did not exist.
On being questioned if anything of this sort existed
anywhere in the world, I had to say “No”. But I also said that

“Today the Technology exists in fragmented bits and pieces.
But if we can put these pieces of the puzzle together and create
the bigger picture and put the foundation under the castle
in the air, this dream will become a reality
and benefit mankind.”

It has taken almost 28 years of working tirelessly on this project and investing my lifetime earnings in the so-called wild goose chase. But, today it gives me great satisfaction that, my dream is on the verge of realization and we are standing on the threshold of a sociol economic revolution which shall benefit one and all.

Setting up a global network of Digital Medical Centers equipped with latest Hi-tech digital devices, shall change the way healthcare is delivered and make it more meaningful, specially for the people living in areas not having access to healthcare. This project shall be milestone in the history of healthcare.

Dr. Arvind Aggarwal
Founder & Chairman